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Some Ideas On What To Talk About In Your Testimonial...


Be Honest
Please tell folks what you love about working / interacting with me.

Inspire Others
Please let people know honestly how amazing being part of the MeetConstance community... 

Be Confident
Please be confident when delivering your message. 

Your Motive
Please tell people why you joined the book club (If you’re in the book club)

Any Surprises?
What surprised you most about the book club / my speaking engagements? 

Worth it?
Why, in your mind, is the book club / my speaking engagements worth tuning into?

Have you seen improvement in your business since joining/working w/ me?

What new insights have you learned about business?

Recommend it?
Would you recommend the book club / or my speaking engagements to others out there, and why?


Thank you so much! Your testimonial helps me help OTHER ENTREPRENEURS just like yoU…


Here's How To Get Your Video Testimonial To Constance:

Please simply shoot your video on a smart phone, or HD Camera, then upload to www.DropBox.com. If you don't have an account with Dropbox, they are FREE and you can just jump on their site to get a FREE account. 

Once you've uploaded it to Dropbox, please hit the "SHARE" button... and then grab the share link and email that link to Constance@MeetConstance.com

This is kind of an urgent project too... so if you could shoot it through to me in the next day or so, it would make my life SOOOO much easier! 

Thank you so much in advance!