Scott Berry, DMD
Dentist at MTC Medical, Santa

Barbara, California
Constance is detailed and invested manager of personnel. I have greatly enjoyed our relationship for the past two years.

Scott was a consultant or contractor to Constance at ITH STAFFING INC,

Christopher Sangdahl, MD
Staff Psychiatrist at Inland Psychiatric Medical Group

I have had the pleasure working with Ms. Moonzwe through ITH Staffing for over 1 year. She has been informative and professional in her conduct. She has been consistently, timely and responsible with any task that was required. I highly recommend her.

Christopher was Constance's client


One of the best! Constance is amazingly resilient, caring, and resourceful! She knows how to implement, sustain, and challenge her employees. She inspires and instills a sense of confidence in each person. At the end of each day, she smiles and says tomorrow will do even better! Enthusiasm it’s contagious! Thanks for many Great years!

- Gm, Director Of Case Management at Parkview Hospital


Constance reached out to me regarding a job opportunity that specifically matched my skillset and qualifications. She was very professional as she talked about the company and what specifics they were looking for in a candidate. She thought I was a perfect fit and urged me to apply. Per her advice I applied for the position and landed the job with the company about 3 weeks after. She kept me updated throughout the whole process and addressed any concerns and questions. She followed up every week keeping me posted and even prepped me for the interview as she instilled confidence and optimism.  

 She totally restored my faith in recruiters; having bad experience previously with very popular agencies that you would only hear from once and never followed up with you again leaving you hanging. I am happy I have a great new job thanks to Constance and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for that next career opportunity and seeking a recruiter that has a vested interested in you and your next career move, she wont let you down! - Peter B.


I feel extremely fortunate that Constance came across my resume - we had a great initial interview and from then on she worked really hard to get me into a company that is a perfect fit. Constance does her homework and doesn't work for companies she hasn't vetted...another huge plus for me was working with a strong, intelligent woman. I highly recommend using ITH Staffing for any staffing requirements - if you need to hire or need to get hired.

- Tracee Goebel

Ms. Serge Crawford

I have had the pleasure of hiring and working with Constance and her team from the SG Center over the last several years. The BLS,ACLS and ECG onsite training program are exceptional. Constance’s training programs have been attended and enjoyed by all of our technical staff, with each expressing how impressed they are with Constance and her level of detail of content presented. I highly recommend Constance and her onsite training programs for your organization.

Aby Mamboleo, JD/MBA

Constance has high integrity and is detailed and knowledgeable. She provides excellent service and goes above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. I recommend Constance as she provides excellent service and the SG Center under her leadership is a great organization to work with.

Aby was Constance's client,

LaTonya Washington, CEO LW Sp

"Creates Platform!" - When I think of Constance Moonzwe, the thought that comes to mind is: "Excellence!" I have had the pleasure of seeing her in action as she leads her team by example, and challenges them to be their best. Her business saavy is structured so well that it keeps us all motivated to work smarter and develop a team around us that makes our business(es) successful. She is also an avid reader and knows that knowledge is Power! She is simply amazing!

Deanna K. Berry, MBA, SPHR
Adjunct Faculty at California State University, Fullerton

Constance is a take-charge entrepreneurial-minded business professional with an HR and healthcare emphasis. She is awesome to work with who excels with high risk challenges and the unknown. She loves to explore new opportunities. I hope to work with her again in the near future, it would be a privilege.


Robinson Lemieux

"Constance has created a fantastic organization of like minded individuals who seek to not only better themselves but others. I highly recommend Meet Constance for mentors, leaders, and anyone one that wants to impact their communities in a positive way.”

Kriste Herd.jpg

Kriste Hurd

Founder/Encourager of

My daughter Krislyn and her husband Darryl were blessed this past weekend at the List Tour.  Krislyn expressed how grateful she was by you taking the time to speak with Constance regarding her desire to start a tutoring business. 

I thank Constance so much for that.  It speaks volumes of Constance's true passion and heart as a person who is genuinely concerned about the welfare and success of others who are aspiring to dream and reach their goals.  You are truly an encouragement!


"This past weekend I went to the LIST Tour not knowing what to expect. I left feeling so empowered and confident. I really connected with Constance. She was honest, open, and provided some great advice on how to sustain your business. She is highly intuitive with very strong business sense. I spoke to her one on one and she offered me some excellent suggestions to incorporate moving forward and I watched her do that for the other participants. She has a true gift and I'm so grateful we were able to cross paths and that she helped me discover my next career path!"