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About Constance Moonzwe

Constance Moonzwe Is A Serial Entrepreneur

"Dear readers, My path has not been easy, but I have been blessed with a fighting spirit from a very young age. I grew up a sickly child and was placed under a medically induced coma at the age of 17. Once finally released from the hospital, I was unable to walk or speak.  The doctors gave my parents a grim diagnosis that I would not live a normal life, and I definitely would not graduate from high school.

In my adulthood, I faced a failed first business, went through a divorce, re-married and from that marriage, experienced the tragic death of my husband.  Phenomenally, I endured and overcame it all. So, as you read through my site, I want to encourage you to endure, because if I could do it, so can you. Be blessed."

Sincerely Yours,