Business Blueprint

"After 17 years of entrepreneurship, I love sharing my knowledge and experience on gaining clarity in your business, client assessment, hiring the right team, and managing your cash flow.
I am passionate about helping the new entrepreneur discover ways to dream bigger, follow their passion and make a difference, while remaining healthy and whole: mind, body and spirit."

- Constance


Step1: Get Clear (your why, core values, mission)

  • Your vision, mission, purpose (why does this business exist, and why are you the one to lead it?)

  • Values/themes/key words

  • Definition of success, authority, passion, intention, goals

  • Relationship between you, your business and other areas of your life

  • Your X-Factor

  • BHAG

  • Your Brand Promise Guarantee Priorities


Step 2: Client Assessment (Identify your VIPs)

  • Select your client based on your core values

  • Niche identification/clarification

  • Client identification

  • Client alignment with your Immutable laws

  • Core messages

  • What and Who

  • Identifying yourcore and VIP clients


Step 3: Hire Right (The power of the right team)

  • Generate a flow of A player to your team

  • Attract the people you want to hire

  • Ask the right interview questions to dramatically

  • Have the right people doing the right things


Step 4: Money Multiplier (Manage your cash flow)

  • Keep 3 to 10 times more cash reserves than your competitors

  • Generate sufficient profit and cash flow internally

  • Improve your cash conversion

  • True measures of revenue and profit

  • Cash Acceleration Strategies