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Constance Moonzwe, Founder of ITH Staffing, is a leader in recruitment and human resource management with 20 + years of experience. She has managed large portfolios (~ $ 10M) and successfully delivered professionals to employers in hospitality, engineering and health risk management. ITH Staffing is a majority woman-owned business with strong networks and trusted connections with private, governmental, not-for- profit and corporate organizations. ITH Staffing is a premier healthcare and information technology staffing company, serving 1,000 different healthcare and information technology organizations in all 50 states.

ITH Staffing celebrates 40 years of collective experience in human resources, compliance, recruitment, health care and information technology. For the third year, ITH Staffing has demonstrated 300% growth in revenues along with significant new contract opportunities with major local, state and private institutions.

With over 17 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, Risk Management, Recruitment and Compliance, Constance built a multi-million dollar staffing business in a few years. Constance would be delighted to share some golden tips with respect to her success, and how you can achieve in your endeavors.

Topics of Expertise:

  • Profit First

  • Achieving your dreams against all odds

  • Client focused

  • Startups 101

  • Business blue print

  • Client assessment

  • Business strategy

  • How to be courageous

  • Perfectly imperfect

  • Building a strong team

  • Leadership

  • Overcoming setbacks and defeat