This morning I was listening to the impact theory. If you guys have not listened to impact theory, I definitely encourage you to listen. You can find it or on YouTube. But Tom had a incredible guest on today, and I just wanted to get online and just share my feedback.

Often times, us entrepreneurs, we talk about success and we talk about failure. And we know that failure's part of the journey. But I think what this guest said that was kinda like an aha moment for me, or rather a reminder, is that you cannot have success without failure. And that if you're afraid to fail, well you're going to fail by default because you're not trying. When you think about entrepreneurship there's one common theme, it’s that we all want to be successful. We all want to make an impact. This is why we we're entrepreneurs.

But in order to be successful, and in order to make an impact, we're going to have to fail because we're going to have to take risks. Nothing in life is guaranteed so sometimes I find that we're incredibly hard on ourselves when these failures happen. We take it personally as if we OURSELVES have failed. Now, just because a business has failed, or an idea is not working out, does not mean that you as a person are a failure. I feel like it's really important for us as entrepreneurs to disconnect that in our minds, to look at the work we do as project-based versus it being a personal issue that we take so hard.

This is a reminder that if you are going through a rough time in your business and maybe you are walking away from a business that didn't launch, or didn't scale, or didn't succeed, that you are not taking that failure so personally, that you're looking at it and say, "what are the lessons that I need to take from this, how can I now take these lessons and and turn them into success, how do I make sure I don’t have make the same mistakes, and now apply it to the next thing that I'm going to do?" But remember, part of the journey is just never quitting. We may change ideas, we may change businesses, but don't quit. So I hope you guys have a fabulous week, and I'll be talking to you soon. Bye bye.

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