10 Ways You Show Courage Every Day

Whenever some one describes me as a brave or courageous, I wouldn’t look too deep into it. In my eyes having courage meant overcoming extraordinary challenges, like running the Ironman Triathlon or fighting a life threatening disease. It suddenly struck me that I do show bravery every day, in-fact we all do. We might not necessarily be in physically straining tough challenges like a triathlon, but we do take on fear daily and this comes in many forms. For the most part, we do dismiss our ability to triumph over these moments and nothing more than surviving the day.


No matter how small or insignificant we feel a certain moment or task may seem, we must recognize our bravery because it is empowering. Recognizing these moments of courage powers our self-confidence and helps us power through the next moment we need bravery. If we continue to dismiss our brave moments then we may begin to feel small and begin to feel discouraged.

The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of courage is “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” We demonstrate more courage when we are fearful and move forward in-spite our fear. Sometimes fear can stop us from feeling we are being courages but having fear have little bearing on the opportunity to be brave.

In my own experience in the corporate world, as well as working closely with hundreds of professional women, it is certain that professional women have to experience difficulties, dangerous and emotionally painful situations in an everyday work day. Many women have this extra burden and are expected to remain professional and continue excelling in their job duties. This takes guts and courage!

Here are just 10 ways you can show courage everyday

You’re the only woman in the room, but you speak up anyway. How often do you walk into a meeting, look around and realize you’re the only woman in the room? Men dominate the dialog and rarely request the input of a women. They may ask but then they talk over or shoot down their ideas and thoughts. Speaking up during meeting and inputing your opinions or responding to open questions with confidence will show that you know what you’re talking about and you deserve your seat. This is courage.

You request a raise or promotion and offer sound proof of why you deserve it. If we don’t communicate our career goals loud and clear, we don’t get the backing or consideration needed to move to that next step. Be clear on your ambitions, ask for a raise when it is clear that you have earned it and show sound proof of documentation of your results. Stepping in prepared and ready will pave the path for you and your employer to move forward to your goals. If you don’t get what you’re looking for, then don’t be afraid to ask advice on how to move forward and when it might be a better time for a raise or promotion.

You hire diverse teams that don’t necessarily agree with you all the time. Sometimes we ask for input and immediately dismiss it because we believe we are right, but it take courage to step outside of this thinking to give someone a platform with an open mind. It takes some bravery to listen to someone else’s viewpoint and to admit that you may be wrong.

You challenge the status quo. Finding a balance of challenging the status quo without looking like a negative person is an art. The key is to challenge when appropriate. It is courageous to bring new ideas to the table to your team, your boss and or co-workers. If done in the right light you can accomplish some amazing things.

You have to face a difficult conversation head on with co-workers, your manager, or your team. Having crucial conversations about something someone in the office did or didn’t do or having to confront someone about their inappropriate statement or behavior can be uncomfortable. Speaking up in these moments shows courage and you will be respected for communicating to resolve an issue.

You set boundaries with your colleagues and team. You are no doormat, and will not let anyone step on you. You set your boundaries of what is okay and what is unacceptable, and holding people accountable for their actions is an act of courage. It is brave to protect your needs, to own your accomplishments, and to protect yourself from your boss or co-worker taking credit.

You make a formal presentation despite your fear of public speaking. Speaking in public can be daunting for many, you’re not alone. The opportunity to speak can help you be seen as a leader and build your credibility. Courage can be shown despite fear and fear can dwindle as you persist on being courageous. You prepare and practice and practice until you sound confident and poised. That’s courageous.

You carve out time from your busy schedule for self-care. For many of us taking care of ourself comes last, especially if you are a parent or a caregiver. Having to take care of others gives even more so a need to care for ourself to be able to handle our everyday. This may not sound courageous on the surface but we must sometimes muster up courage to be able to say “NO“ to extra projects at work, no to family, and clear some room for alone time, time with friends or just pamper yourself. You need a break and recognizing that and honoring that need takes courage.

You ask permission to work remotely and present a sound business case for doing so. Working from home can be extremely productive to some vs the bustling office with constant distractions. Your place of work may not offer the option to work from your own space but you could always present your case with a request that shows the benefits it has on you and your employer. You clearly mark when you will be in the office and when you will be working virtually. Presenting your case and asking permission takes courage.

You move on from a company when you realize that your values are no longer aligned and there is no opportunity for advancement. You’re now at a point where you can see that things have shifted and this is the not the organization that will help you thrive or you’ve hit a roadblock. Things change and evolve and that is okay, it could be a new infrastructure or a change in leadership. Whatever the case may be, you have the courage to recognize it is time to move on. Putting a plan in place to find new opportunities takes courage and determination as well.

Can you relate to these courageous memoments? Isn’t it time you recognized the courage you show every day? Your acknowledgement of your courageous moments will help you become more confident and more successful.

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