How Do Multiple Streams Of Income Work? // Ask Constance

Today we have a question from a viewer -- "How do multiple streams of income work?"

First and foremost I do believe you need multiple streams of income, but what is most important here is to know when to introduce these new steams of income. Once your main business is revenue generating and profitable, that is the moment when you can begin to introduce multiple streams of income. 

What you focus your time on, that is what will begin to grow. For example I spend 80% of my time on my business ITH Staffing then my other 20% of my time is split between MeetConstance and ITH Charities. It's best to plan out your multiple streams of income where you can build over time. You do not have to introduce all your streams at once you may wear yourself too thin. Take your time with it and be very intentional with everything that you do.

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