3 things to help make 2019 your best year ever

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Resource #1: Update Your Big Picture Vision

Serious about taking your company to a new level this year? Start by creating a crystal-clear picture of where you want to end up. This is one of the first things we do with new Pinnacle members. Already have a Big Picture Vision? Make sure you update it regularly. As you grow, you’ll find that your vision expands – and at the same time, your priorities and goals may change. I’ll walk you through my process in this video – watch it here.

Resource #2: Ramp Up Cash Flow

Managing cash flow is a challenge that all businesses face. It doesn’t magically disappear as your business gets bigger. Instead, the effects simply get bigger. That’s why it’s vital to think creatively about ways you can increase cash flow. This article reveals 8 of my favorite ideas.

Resource #3: Tap into Wisdom

If you’re like most CEOs I know, you have a big vision for where you want to lead your company. But here’s the thing… you haven’t made it there yet, so you probably don’t know how to do it. That’s why the world’s most successful people seek mentoring. My Pinnacle Global Network plugs you into a team of 9 former CEOs of multi-million-dollar companies – and a community of 150+ other business owners. Discover what Pinnacle offers – and how it can help you achieve your 5-year goals in the next 12 months here.

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