7 Specific Things I Did to Scale My Business by Over 300% - Year Over Year

Today, I want to talk about some of the things that I did when our business experienced 300% to 400% year over year growth.

As many of you know, I'm one of those serial entrepreneur types. I have started several businesses in the last 18 years. Some of my businesses have done millions of dollars in revenue. I'm on this entrepreneur journey with my fellow entrepreneurs but there's certain things in reflecting this weekend, that I wanted to share. And these are the things that I believe made the difference when our business experienced 300% to 400% growth.

No.1 A sickening ridiculous work ethic.

I was hyper focused. Completely in a zone but not of busy work but of driving sales. All I focused on was driving sales. There's one point in our business where the goal was to make $10,000 a day in new revenue. Not reoccurring, new revenue and we were hyper focused on that. Some days we hit it, Some days we didn't but it was a goal. How many lives did we have to transform on any given day in order for us to add $10,000 a day in revenue? I woke up thinking about numbers, and I went to bed thinking about numbers. I knew what every team member was going to need to do in order for us to hit our goal and I communicated that very efficiently and effectively with the team so that we're all on the same page and driving towards the same goal.

I was not out. I was not hanging out. I was not going to movies. I was not doing anything outside of my business- No, I had time for my business and I had time for my kids. That was it.

No.2 There Is No Plan B

The second thing that I believe that I did that made the difference is what Will Smith says - "There's no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A" My business was my plan A. I was not willing to entertain any other businesses taking the place of plan A. Everybody's personalities are different, some people have the ability to manage several businesses successfully. I know for me personally, the years of scaling one business, I couldn't have two, three, four other businesses that I was working on. Mentally, I would just be distracted.

I only have plan A and this is my plan A. I'm not gonna have a plan B because it's going to distract from plan A. Wherever you're driving your energy, whatever your focused on that's what's going to grow, especially a start up.

No.3 Grit

Angela Duckworth defines grit as passion and perseverance for long term goals. Long term, not for six months, not for a year, It's passion and perseverance for long term goals. What did that look like and what does that look like for me? Well, we're in the business of transforming lives, I love what we do. Recruiting is the best job ever, in my opinion. We transform lives, we help people find the next step in their careers. Nothing else is more fulfilling and there's no better feeling to me than when an employee comes to us and says, "Hey, you know what? Because of this job, we're going to be able to pay our mortgage, thank you." Or when our clients come to us and say, "Look, you've given us such incredible talent that we're going to be able to achieve our corporate goals." It's just the best feeling. So for me that's my passion. Transformation is my passion.

I took passion and I took perseverance which equals grit and I just went for it. We had a saying in our organization, and we still say this today. How many lives are we going to transform today? Every time we transform a life two things happen: One, we have a happy employee, a happy client and two, we get to make money. It's just fantastic. Grit is definitely something that I was very in tuned with when it came to scaling our company.

No.4 V.I.P. Clients

The fourth thing is something that my grand coach, mentor Mike Michalowicz's book The Pumpkin Plan talked about which is being very clear on who our VIP clients were. Dive deep into their businesses to help them get fantastic talent. We did a client assessment and created a list of VIP clients that we were laser focused on. They got all our attention and all our support and we're 100% focused on them. And honestly, there's one year where I took our eye off of one of our VIPs and it cost us a couple of million dollars in revenue. So this is a lesson that I learned very quickly.

So how do you focus on your VIPs?. One, identifying the VIP clients of course. Make sure that they clearly know that they're very important to you and your team. You're investing your time, your resources, and energy to make sure that you're there to meet their goals.

No.5 Mental Health

Running a business is not for the faint of heart. It really is not. It takes such strength, mentally, everyday. Such sacrifice of you in order to get your business to scale and you cannot do that if your mind is not together and you're emotionally and spiritually unbalanced. You can't do it. What was really important to me in these years that we were scaling was meditation, gratitude, giving thanks. I know we hear about this but trust me it really does work. And also really making sure that I was forgiving myself, number one, that I was learning the lessons that I needed to learn and number two, that I was emotionally sound. Whenever I'm not emotionally together, nothing works. My home doesn't work. The business doesn't work. I think as leaders, that we are in tune with where we are mentally, where we are emotionally and where we are spiritually. So that's another thing that I was really focused on in the years that we were scaling our business.

No.6 Courage

Mia Angelo says that courage is the greatest of all virtues because without courage it is impossible to practice any other virtue consistently.

When it comes to driving sales in your business, it takes courage. When it comes to saying no to your friends who want to hang out on a Friday night, it takes courage. I have lost many friendships because I chose not to go out and focus on my business. That is just a sacrifice that I personally was willing to make in order to grow my business. It's the courage to say, I could do it. I can do it. It's the courage to ask for help, when you need help. It's the courage to say no, when you need to say no and yes, when you need to say, yes. It's the courage to do the things that scare you: Cold calling, emailing, maybe meeting with that executive. It's the courage to do all those things. with courage I was able to pick up that phone and talk to that C Level person that may have intimidated me. I was able to say, no to the things that would not benefit me. I was able to implement self discipline, because self discipline means self love and to be able to do things that are in the best interest of your business, first. Right?

No.7 Cashflow

Most importantly, never forget your cash flow. Revenues are vanity, profit is sanity, cash flow is king. (And this is why I walk around with cash flow shirts). It's to be reminded that cash flow is the oxygen of my business. I need to be mindful that I'm allocating my money according to Profits First. You guys hear me talk about Profit First all the time to make sure that I'm taking care of myself first.

Comment below. Let me know what you think. Share it if you think you've learned something new. And I look forward to talking to you guys later.

- Constance Moonzwe


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