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How do I turn down a client I no longer want to work with?

This is a fantastic question! My good friend, Mike Michalowicz, wrote a fantastic book. It's called The Pumpkin Plan, and in this book he teaches us how to do a client assessment.

I really believe as business owners it's really important to do a very comprehensive client assessment before you hire or fire a client. I can tell you firsthand that every time that I didn't do a client assessment, and I worked with a client that was not aligned with my core values, it always came back to bite me at the end. It is a really an important step. A lot of times we pursue the revenue and the money that this client is bringing, and we end up compromising who we are to our core in pursuit of this client. And often times I have found that when you get rid of a bad client, it often opens up doors for clients, better clients, to come your way.

So how do you do fire your client? Well if you have a contract with the client, first, you can choose not to renew it. The second thing you can do is actually choose to terminate it, so often times with agreements and contracts, we have a two-week out clause, or 30-day out clause. The third, if you haven't signed the contract, and you're thinking that you don't want to sign the contract, basically just let that client know at this time you're not going to be adding additional clients. And that's it, keep it simple, keep it respectful. Do not bash any client or any individual. Just keep it simple, but get yourself out of a bad contract in order to go for contracts that align with your values. Hopefully that was helpful to somebody. Subscribe on the link below to ask me a question. I'll talk to you soon.

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