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How To Find Banks That Support Profit First

Profit First is a simple system, but the process of finding a bank that supports it can be painful. Almost 100,000 companies have implemented Profit First within the first year of the release of the Profit First Revised & Expanded Edition and the most common question I get is, “What bank should I use for Profit First?” Here is the simple answer:

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What I want For You After Reading "Crushing It" by Gary Vee

"When I was a kid making straight Ds and I got caught reading baseball card catalogs in class so I’d know how much to charge for trades, everyone said, “You’re going to be a loser.” Today they’d say, “You’re going to be the next Mark Zucker­berg.” When it comes to professional opportunities, this is the best time to be alive in the history of humankind and I don’t want anyone to waste it.

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