2019 MeetConstance Book List

At the center of every-book selected this year was with our tagline in mind: “How To Get To Your Next Million Whole, Mind, Body & Soul.“ It is not about reaching that next revenue milestone, (that is important) but how do you accomplish this and maintain your soul, spirit, and mind intact? How do we accomplish our goals without developing self destructive habits or negative belief systems?

I wanted to implement books that not only implemented strategies that help us reach our next goal but also looked at things from a holistic point of view. Our selected books this year dives deep into how we intimately think about our business.

Another factor that came into play when selecting these books for 2019 was our core principles. In order to have a scalable and sustainable business you need to master four areas: Your why and purpose, your team, your clients, and your cash. Each book selected will hit on one of these four pillars so we can have a well rounded business as it grows.

So very excited to begin reading with you all on the MeetConstance BookClub, it’s been amazing learning and reading along with other entrepreneurs. Click here to see our book list, I would love your feedback so make sure to leave a comment below or write to me on your favorite social media platform.

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