5 Tips For an Efficient Job Search in 2019

Are you looking for a new role this year? Here's a few ways you can maximize your efforts.

Number one: Have different versions of your resume ready to go.

This will require you taking some time to think about what are the top five positions that you wanna go for. Make sure that you're clear on the titles and then customize each resume specific to that position. Remember, A.I. is huge right now and so there's a lot of screening of resumes for very specific key words, so make sure that the key words that are related to the job that you want to go for can be found in your resume.

Number two: Network Network Network!

This is what a lot of candidates do not do and I see it all the time as a recruiter. Network network network. Do not rely on job boards, Indeed, Monster, Zip, & LinkedIn. No, get out there and network. Tell the people who are closest to you that you're looking fora new opportunity and ask them if they know of anybody that may be hiring. Another good way to network actually is to identify a list of maybe 50 to 100 people that you know relatively well, go to their company's website, and see if there's a job on that organizations’ website that is in alignment for what you're looking for and ask them for a referral. That is one great way to network but also don't forget to get offline and get out there. Job fairs, seminars, are out there and are perfect for you to use to network.

Number three, read the job description carefully.

This goes hand in hand with point number one where I'm talking about having different versions of your resume. That aligns with reading that job description very well because what I've noticed as a recruiter, so many candidates are applying for jobs that they're not qualified for. Even if the recruiter had a different job that you may be qualified for, the very fact that you applied for a job that you're not qualified for is more likely to upset that recruiter. Please be careful that you're reading the job descriptions carefully and that you are then customizing your resume for that specific job.

Number four: Know what you're worth!

So, how do you know what you're worth? I'm not talking about your worth in terms of your value from a holistic kind of perspective. I'm talking about the job market specifically, meaning research the compensation packages of the job that you're applying for. You can do this by going to Salary.com or paychecks.com, even Glassdoor. Get an idea of what that job demands in the marketplace today. If you're open for relocation then look at the demand and the compensation structure for that job in the market that you're looking to move to.

Number five: Prepare

Looking for a job is a full time job in of itself. It's important that you put your job hunting on a schedule and that you're working at it from a certain time, a start time and an end time and that you're being consistent. Consistent is key when it comes to finding a job. At the end of the day you want find a job that you really want and you do not want to have to settle for any job, right? The more time you spend in networking, making sure that you understand the job description, have different types of resumes, the more time you spend doing activities like this, the more likely you are not only to find an incredible job, but a job that pays you what you're worth in the marketplace and a job that you're really proud of.