July MeetConstance Books - Accounting For The Numberphobic &

Hello everybody, today I am doing the intro into the two books we are reading in the month of July (2018). 

The first one is "Accounting for the Numberphobic" by Dawn Fotopulos -- This is an excellent book that talks about numbers. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we say "oh we have an accountant, we have a CPA, we don't need to know our numbers intimately." Dawn teaches us the financial umbrella that governs our business. We work so hard to bring revenue to our organization, we also need to know how this revenue flows through our organization. - Pick up your copy on Amazon.

Our second book is "Turning The Mind Into an Ally" by Sakyong Mipham -- I think sometimes as entrepreneurs we are always in our head. This is a really refreshing book that helps us sharpen our minds to be effective in our business. It's important to be still, take a time-out, and process everything that is going on in our life. Pick up your copy on Amazon.


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