How Well Are You Managing Your Time? The E-myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber


How Well Are You Managing Your Time?


Daily Time Log: By using the Daily Time Log, you’ll track the flow of your time by logging everything you do throughout each day for one week. Don’t be surprised if you find this tool so valuable you’ll want to continue using it as part of your ongoing time management system.

Usage Instructions

Activity Categories

Before you begin using the Daily Time Log, you’ll need to set up some categories to classify your activities (at least six, but not more than twelve). The activity categories will help you see where you spend your time and identify areas where you need improvement.

Choose categories that work for you. For example, if you want to know in what areas of the business you generally spend your time, you might select categories such as Sales, Administration, Management, Business Development, Finance, Operations, etc. You also want to understand your daily interruptions, so you might choose categories like Telephone Calls, Meetings, Computer Problems, Employee Problems, Travel, etc. Your activity categories should be:


To you (and others, if appropriate) and relevant to what you’re trying to quantify.


Use words that clearly define the category. Mutually exclusive Little or no overlap among different categories for the same activity.


Just a word or two.

Now you can begin using the Daily Time Log.

The Daily Time Log 1.

  1. Time: Exact time you begin an activity.

  2. Duration: Amount of time you spend on the activity.

  3. Activity Description: A few words describing the activity.

  4. Category: Classification for the activity, according to categories you determined earlier.

  5. Work Type: Strategic Work versus Tactical Work (i.e., work on the business versus work in the business).

Strategic work is entrepreneurial, and includes establishing high-level policies and developing strategies that inform the direction of the business. The best definition of strategic work is this: “defining, planning and organizing or tracking results.”

Technical or tactical work, on the other hand, is creating the results. In general, tactical work is the direct work of producing and delivering your company’s products and services. Administrative work is also considered tactical work.

Be sure to fill out your Daily Time Log as you go, rather than after the fact. You lose too much information if you wait. At the end of the day, check your Daily Time Log to be sure it’s complete. Fill out the “Duration” column for every line item, and add the column to determine Total Duration.