The Goal - 6 Steps For Continuous Improvement


The Goal

I hope you are enjoying reading The Goal!

One of the important business principles discussed in The Goal is that of Continuous Improvement.

Continuous improvement is a method for identifying opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste.

How do you drive continuous improvement as a manager?

1)     Measurements Drive Behavior: any misalignment in measurements causes a wide range of destructive tendencies. It is your responsibility to identify The Goal of your organization. Be sure that your metrics align completely to this Goal.

2)     Seek Answers: Be active in your quest for knowledge. The answers are out there; you just have to discover them. Sometimes the answers can be found in unlikely places, such as Jonah, an old physics professor.

3)      Teamwork: Teams are very important to driving change and improvement. The more heads on the job the better. People have different opinions and outlooks; someone else may think differently than you ever would have.  

4)      Never Give Up: There is always a chance to recover as long as your business in still running. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. The battle is not lost until the moment you give up and stop trying. 

5)     Work Smarter, Not Harder: Oftentimes our greatest efforts are ineffective and sometimes even counter-productive. But by focusing on the right areas we can achieve breakthrough results

6) Improve the Overall System, Not Just the Individual Parts: Effective coordination between Operations and Marketing/Sales is critical to achieving the Goal, not just optimizing a single link in the value chain.


Reference : Theory of Constraints Institute

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