How to Create a Magnetic Marketing Message


 Crafting a message that resonates with your target market and stays true to your business is essential to getting the most value out of your marketing efforts. With the right combination of words, images and sensory elements, you’ll create a message that’s relevant to your customers and draws the right attention.

Oftentimes, businesses believe that things like blazing color, arresting (sometimes shocking) 

images or surprising sounds are the key to breaking through the clutter of advertising—but that’s not necessarily true. While your message needs to attract the attention of your customers, it also needs to follow through on what it promises. Exaggerated claims diminish your message because they create a different expectation for your product than what’s actually true. 

Your message needs to do four key things: 

Attract Attention

You want your message to draw the attention of your customer by using words or phrases that address how your company will satisfy their need or desire.

Leave the Right Impression

You want your message to be true to whatever product or service you’re offering. Your message needs to satisfy enough purchase-decision needs to enable the customer to take the next step. 

Provide an Easy Way to Respond

If your customer doesn’t know where to go, then they won’t be able to follow-up with your offer. Always include a convenient way for your customers to respond to your message, such as a toll-free telephone number, a street address, a mailing address, an internet address, or a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Qualifies Your Leads

You don’t want your message to be too general or else you’ll attract the attention of people who aren’t your customers. It’s more cost effective for you to eliminate non-customers through your message than by using your salespeople to do it.