Good To Great - Good is the enemy of Great


Good to Great; Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Other Don’t

Chapter 1. Good is the Enemy of Great

That’s what make death so hard- unsatisfied curiosity. Beryl Markhan

I’m really excited to be reading this book, what a great way to start the year.  The first chapter of the book starts off by elaborating on why good is the enemy.

According to Jim Collins, ‘Good’ is the enemy of ‘Great’, and this is one of the key reasons why so little of what we do actually becomes great. We don’t have great schools principally because we have good schools. We don’t have great government, principally because we have good government. Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.  The vast companies never become great, precisely because the vast majority become quite good- and that is their main problem

Chapter 1 outlines the framework of the Jim Collins’ concepts and provides a preview of what’s to come in the rest of the book. Jim Collins explains that business transformation can be broken into 3 broad stages: disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action. Within these 3 stages are two key concepts shown in the framework below. 

As you read this book, make sure to keep in mind the timeless principles of how to go from good to great. I am sure you will benefit from how to take your good organization and turn it into one that produces sustained great results. 


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