Pumpkin Plan - 7 Important Steps To Grow A Remarkable Business  


How are you enjoyingreading The Pumpkin Plan? This book was a game changer for my business, Ihope it will be for yours.  By implementing the 7 steps outlined below, our revenues increased by over 50% !

“Holy crap, I thought. Pumpkin farmers hold the secret formula for big-time entrepreneurial success.  My get-out-of-jail-free card. The Holy Grail. The missing link. My Golden Ticket. (Yes, it was all of those things to me, and more, so much more.)  There it was, in black and white…and orange. The answer I’d been looking for, for years. I needed to treat my company like a giant pumpkin!”

The Pumpkin Plan, Chapter 1
Almost every farmer grows ordinary, run-of-the-mill carving pumpkins.  Similar to how almost every entrepreneur runs an ordinary, run-of-the-mill company.  Imagine if you could change your ordinary company so that it got all of the press coverage and attention that the farms who grow those giant award winning pumpkins get?  Mike Michalowicz’s The Pumpkin Plan is the how-to book to walk you through it.

The Pumpkin Plan outlines 7 important steps to grow a remarkable business

Step 1. Identify and leverage your biggest natural strengths.

Step 2. Sell, sell, sell.

Step 3. Asyour business grows, fire all your small-time, rotten clients.

Step 5: Identify your top clients and remove the rest of your less promising clients .

Step 6: Focus all your attention on your top clients, nurture and protect them; find out what they want more than anything, and if it’s in alignment with what you do best, give it to them. Then, replicate that same service or product for as many of the same types of top clients as possible.

Step 7: Watch your company grow to a giant size.

Before you start drafting your 7 step process, take 30 mins to do the following;
1.       Find the “Why”: Ask yourself why you started this business and not another. What purpose are you serving? What makesyou happy? If you know your “why”, it will resonate with your clients, more importantly, it will be your compass.
2.       Set a revenue “pulse” goal for the year: In order to get the heart of your business beating again how much revenue do you need to generate?
3.       Ask better questions: You can only find the answer when you ask great questions, rather than ask “why do I struggle?” ask “how can I take home $2000 a day, every day?”




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