WHO: How do you get an A team?


Hope you are enjoying “WHO”!

As you read ‘WHO’ and learn the techniques presented in the book, they will help you find the right “WHO” for your professional, personal, and business success for whatever positions need filling. As a business owner and leader, the WHO method will enable you to do due diligence and let you focus on top notch individual candidates without losing sight of the goals and values of your organization.

Chapter 1 of WHO, focuses on breaking bad habits and introduces us to the “ghSMART A Method for Hiring”.

Voodoo Hiring

Chapter 1 lays out 10 Voodoo hiring methods. My favorite is The “Art Critic”, this is when you ‘read’ people and base your hiring decision on a gut feel. Gut instinct is terribly inaccurate when it comes to hiring someone. If you extend an offer based on a good gut feel, you are going to have a stomachache thereafter. The bottom-line is that all the 10 Voodoo hiring methods outlined in the chapter share an assumption that accurate assessment of a person is not an easy task. The good news is that a clear and tested path leads out of almost all hiring messes.

Finding ‘A Players’ begins with setting the bar high

We define an A Player this way: a candidate who has at least a 90 percent chance of achieving a set of outcomes that only the top 10 possible candidates could achieve. There are two mathematical elements in that definition. First, you need to initially stack the odds in your favor by hiring people who have at least a 90 percent chance of succeeding in the role you have defined. The second part of the definition highlights the need to raise the bar: A players have a 90 percent chance of accomplishing what only 10 percent of possible hires could accomplish within the given role/function.

So, the million dollar question is: How do you get an A team? Put the “A Method” in place. The A Method defines a simple process for identifying and hiring A Players with a high degree of success. The 4 step process is: Scorecard, Source, Select, Sell. The simplicity of the A Method means it is easy to understand and implement at all levels, from CEO to receptionist.



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