WHO: Who Not What


Introduction to "WHO"
 Who, Not What

 The most important decisions that business people  make are not what decisions, but who decisions -Jim Collins, Author ofGood to Great

As business owners and leaders we tend to focus on what decisions and what problems are plaguing our businesses.

What refers to the products and services you sell, and the processes you use.

Focusing solely on what means you will continue to feel stressed, make less money than you desire, and lack the time to do what you want.

Who refers to the people you put in place to make the what decisions. Who is where the magic begins, or where the problem starts.

Who mistakes happen when managers:

  • Are unclear about what is needed in a job

  • Have a weak flow of candidates

  • Do not trust their ability to pick out the right candidates from a group of similar- looking candidates

  • Lose candidates they really want to join their team

  • These who mistakes are expensive, according to several studies by ghSMART, the average hiring mistake will cost 15 times an employee's base salary in hard costs and productivity loss, costing up to 1.5 million dollars if you hire an employee making $100,000 per year.

The good news is that, who mistakes are preventable

The purpose of this book is to give you a solution to your number one problem, to help you make better who decisions

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