WHO: Scorecard - A Blueprint for Success


Scorecards are your blueprint for success (read Chapter 2 for definition). Scorecards describe the mission for the positions, outcomes that must be accomplished, and competencies that fit with both the culture of the company and the role. Together, these three pieces describe “A Performance” in the role -- what a person must accomplish and how.  They provide a clear linkage between the people you hire and your strategy. So, it is important moving forward that you do not hire anyone without having a blue print for success.

Remember the first failure point of hiring is not being crystal clear about what you really want the person you are hiring to accomplish. When properly constructed and used, scorecards spread strategy through every aspect of your organizational life.


  • Set expectations with new hires

  • Monitor employee progress overtime

  • Objectify your annual review systems

  • Allow you to rate your team annually as part of a talent review process

With a blueprint for success in hand, you are now ready for the second step in the A Method: find the people who can deliver the A performance specified by your scorecard.

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