WHO: Intro - The A Method For Hiring


Who: The A Method for Hiring


In business, you are who you hire. In Who, Smart and Street offer a ground-breaking solution to your #1 problem – hiring mistakes.


A simple 4-step method for hiring the right people with a 90% success rate.
How to save $1.5M by avoiding a single hiring mistake.
Advice given in an unprecedented number of exclusive interviews with more than 20 billionaires and 60 CEOs, investors, and other thought leaders.
The secrets of success for over 300 CEOs who participated in a University of Chicago study.

This book has 6 chapters that focuses on the WHO and Not What will make the difference in your business' success:

Your #1 Problem
Scorecard: A Blueprint for Success
Source: Generating a Flow of A Players
Select: The Four Interviews for Spotting A Players
Sell: The Top Five Ways to Seal the Deal
Your Greatest Opportunity

Print and review book material: http://geoffsmart.com/smarttools/
Watch the video https://youtu.be/6rSfrjpuWNQ



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