Profit First: Destroying Debt


Day 7,

Chapter 6.Destroying Debt

If you have business debt, this chapter is worth reading twice.

According to Mike Michalowicz; Well dressed poverty is still poverty. Just because your business is making lots of money, doesn’t mean you’re are hanging onto it.

But remember; Even when you and your business are in a ton of debt, you must establish a habit of putting your profit first, and paying yourself. Getting and maintaining a healthy business boils down to one  simple formula. You must consistently spend less that you make. Solution to debt If you want to get out of debt, you must get more enjoyment out of saving your money than you do spending your money.

Action Steps

Step 1. Start the Debt Freeze. Stop any recurring payments and cancel anything you don’t need.

Step 2. Start the Debt Snowball. Pay off your smallest outstanding debt first.

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I love that Mike has all the Profit First worksheets on his website, you can download them by clicking here.

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