Profit First: How Healthy is Your Business


How healthy is your business?

In chapter 3, Mike asks the question, are you eating first, are you surviving on leftovers, or even worse- scraps from the garbage can in the alley? 

The key to successful Profit First implementation lies in stringing together a series of many small steps in a repeating pattern, a simple rhythm that will give you clarity and control over your financials. (Michalowicz, Profit First).

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed about implementing the entire Profit First system, do this one thing, every time you are about to make a deposit, remove at least 1% from those funds and deposit them into a separate account, start with a low percent (such as 1%) so you do not feel it; this is a simple but, life changing move that is the start of a habit that will change your business forever. 

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I love that Mike has all the Profit First worksheets on his website, you can download them by clicking here.

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