Constance Speaking at The List Tour


A Few Words About Me

Constance Moonzwe, MHA
CEO: ITH Staffing, Inc.
Vice President: ITH Charities

Constance is the Executive Director & CEO of ITH Staffing, Inc., a premier healthcare and information technology staffing company serving organizations across the country. With over 17 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, Risk Management, Recruitment and Compliance, Constance has built a multi-million dollar staffing business in a few years. She leads overall operations, strategic planning and staff development for this high volume staffing firm in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Constance’s fighting spirit began at a very young age as a sickly child who was placed in a medically induced coma at the age of 17. She left the hospital unable to walk properly nor speak clearly, and was told she would not graduate from high school. In adulthood, Constance faced a failed first business, divorce, and widowhood. She credits her ability to rise above all her setbacks to her belief in God, an understanding that events in life happen for us not to us, and that life events are an opportunity to choose love over fear. Undoubtedly, having courage, gratitude, a generous heart, with great work ethics are keys to her success. Constance also credits her success to these 4 principles:

  • Strive for excellence in all you do

  • Be faultless in your speech and deeds

  • Refrain from making assumptions

  • Try to avoid taking things personally

Constance believes that we learn from everything that happens around us. Life gives us painful lessons but we can use those lessons to become whole again. We can influence the course of our destiny through the decisions we make from day to day. Her community work includes being Vice President of ITH Charities, which seeks to promote sustainable healthcare and educational development, primarily in Africa. ITH Charities is passionate about promoting education initiatives primarily in Zambia, Constance's native land. Respectively, Constance graduated from California Polytechic University (Cal-Poly Pomona), and the University of La Verne (ULV), where she received a BS in Human Resources and a Masters in Healthcare Administration. Constance has been recognized by industry peers, colleagues and employees as an trail blazer, role model, and mentor. Also Constance is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.


ITH Staffing Mission & Value Statements 



ITH Staffing Inc’s mission is to be the most trusted end-to-end recruiting solution for healthcare organizations. From entry-level to executive vacancies, we deliver the most dependable talent for all positions spanning the healthcare organization’s lifecycle, so that our clients can fulfill their own missions and become the best at what they do.



ITH Staffing, Inc., is the industry leader in end-to-end healthcare staffing solutions. Our holistic approach to placement, which includes comprehensive training to ensure all candidates are fully prepared to integrate into our client’s organizations, ensures complete alignment of skills, experience, and organizational culture. We consistently deliver qualified candidates, enabling our clients to succeed in their mission


Value Statements

End-to-End Service. ITH Staffing Inc., is a one-stop shop for all healthcare professionals, from janitorial positions to executive positions. Our deep industry knowledge makes us uniquely qualified to understand the specific needs of positions throughout all levels of healthcare organizations.


Integrity. ITH Staffing Inc., is committed to the highest ethical standards. We do not over-promise, and we deliver the talent we say we will provide. ITH Staffing Inc, only presents screened, vetted, and available candidates that match the customer’s specific needs. ITH Staffing Inc., is committed to only placing talent that meets the customer’s requirement because we understand the cost of providing mismatched candidates.


Responsiveness. ITH Staffing Inc., prides itself on rapid responsiveness to all client placement requests. We recognize that vacant positions impact revenue and productivity, and that time is money. As soon as a client submits a position request, our team mobilizes to identify and secure the most qualified candidates.  


Respect. Respect is a cornerstone of ITH Staffing Inc. The ITH Staffing Inc., team members are trained to treat our  customers, our candidates, and each other with utmost respect. We recognize that the contribution of every team member yields the best possible outcomes for our clients, and strong teamwork begins with mutual respect.


Trust. Every client relationship starts with trust. We recognize that our clients have a choice in who they select as staffing partners. We honor and protect the trust our clients place in us to find the most qualified and compatible talent possible.